Jeromy French is a well-rounded Internet programmer with over twelve years experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of systems for government agencies, extremely large corporations, and small businesses. Jeromy’s specialties are working with business experts, designing technical and non-technical solutions to meet the needs of the business, crafting and implementing development processes, and leading teams to deliver software on time, on budget, and with high quality.


  • 10/2012: Cleared for Secret information by US Department of State
  • 1/2007: Cleared for Public Trust by NASA


9/2012 - present

US Department of State CASS Contract

Falls Church, VA
Senior Programmer
  • Lead effort to convert legacy P/L SQL system into modern N-tier architecture
  • Developed application GUI using Twitter's Bootstrap
  • Programmed enterprise jQuery plugins that progressively-enhance criteria forms to attach client-side validation and user feedback

9/2011 - present


Falls Church, VA
  • Converted enterprise timekeeping/workflow system from Adobe ColdFusion/MS SQL Server to Railo/PostgreSQL
  • Migrated timekeeping system (Workstream) into cloud (on AWS/EC2 micro-instances)
  • Provided ColdFusion, Railo, PHP, jQuery, MS SQL Server, and MySQL consulting services
  • Created survey system powered by Railo, jQuery and PostgreSQL
  • Maintained existing applications in a remote-hosted environment
  • Transitioned source control from Subversion to Git

12/2006 - 9/2012


(InDyne; Bastion Technologies)
Arlington, VA
Tech Lead, Senior Web Programmer
  • Technical lead, principal developer for 1.0 (and subsequent) releases of the following NASA applications:
    • FAAD
    • FOCUS
    • ICET
  • Maintained the following NASA applications built by others:
    • BSGSRA
    • COF
    • HPSS
    • PFSS
  • Administered contract source control tool "STACR" (provisioned new projects, awarded access on-demand, evangelized how to properly version code. etc).
  • Conceived and developed a task-centric help solution that allows the user base (and system owners) to maintain system-specific help articles and frequently-asked questions.
  • Conceived and developed an enterprise solution that facilitates code reuse and stores error event information for diagnosis and reporting purposes.
  • Conceived and developed an add-on to the Fusebox framework that collects, organizes and tracks customer requirements and comments.

6/2000 - 12/2006

Nucleus Technologies

Arlington, VA
Tech Lead, Web Programmer
  • Honored as 2005 employee of the year for Arlington office.
  • Managed 5 person technical team responsible for 5 projects totaling $8M in annual revenue; 3 projects were for Fortune-100 accounts. Responsible for hiring, training and other management functions for team.
  • Planned, developed, implemented and maintained web applications for corporate clients using ColdFusion (4.5-MX), SQL Server (7.0-2000), and Photoshop.
  • Overhauled internal timekeeping system, which was later marketed, expanded and became company's core product.
  • Created, developed, maintained online survey system (
  • Managed technical support process.
  • Led $125K annual project to administer and analyze 9,600 surveys quarterly to Pepsi employees; saved $56K+ in first two quarters of project ownership (as compared to previous management).


7/1996 - 5/2000
Farmville, VA
  • BA, Business Administration with concentration in Management Information Systems.
  • Graduated Cum Laude (3.4 GPA).
  • Scored in 98th percentile in National Standardized Business Test
  • Honor Board (3.5 years; Chairman for 2 years)
  • Resident assistant 3 years
  • Honors Program
  • Dean's List
  • Board of Visitor's Finance Committee
  • Dean's Advisory Committee
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs Student Advisory Group



Skill Years Last Used
SQL Server (MS SQL) >10 2012
DTS/SSIS >10 2012
Oracle 7 2014
MySQL 2 2014
PostgreSQL 1 2014

Middle Tier

Skill Years Last Used
ColdFusion (4.5 - 10) >10 2014
Django 1 2012
LESS CSS 1 2014
Node.js 1 2014
PHP (5.4+) 1 2014
Railo 1 2014


Skill Years Last Used
HTML >10 2014
JavaScript >10 2014
CSS 9 2014
AJAX 7 2014
jQuery 8 2014
Prototype 5 2012
Scriptaculous 5 2012
HTML5 2 2014
Modernizr 1 2014
Twitter Bootstrap 1 2014


Skill Years Last Used
SVN 9 2014
Task-Centric Help 7 2014
Git 1 2014
GitHub 1 2014
JSFiddle 1 2014
Progressive Enhancement 1 2014
Stack Overflow 1 2014
microformats 1 2014
AWS 1 2014
EC2 1 2014